Motors For Russia
MURMANSK – Russia is one of the largest oil-producing nations in the world, second only to Saudi Arabia. Its oil is transported by oil tankers as well as by train and when these options are not possible or are too expensive, a pipeline is an obvious solution. In recent years, a pipeline was constructed between Siberia and Murmansk with Kolmer playing an important role in the project. Running through a bay close to Murmansk, the pipeline’s welding and sinking was done with the help of two giant pontoons that, together, helped span a distance of two kilometres.

Eight enormous winches, two on each corner of the vessels, accomplished the steering and moving of these pontoons. The motors driving the winches were adapted to meet the specific requirements of the client and were outfitted with an electromagnetic brake that possesses a braking momentum of 1300 Newton-meters. An encoder was added to the brake for a “closed loop” control. Each pontoon was supplied with one spare motor.

Although Murmansk is situated along the warm Gulf Stream allowing its port Motors Kolmer to be ice-free for most of the year, extreme low temperatures do occur. Because of this, Kolmer had to supply motors guaranteed to perform optimally despite temperatures as low as minus 30o C. Each motor has a capacity of 70 kW at an RPM of 1000 and were delivered under IP 67 class protection requirements, implying that they were sealed in such a way as to assure that neither water nor dust could interfere with the function of the motors.

In the field of propulsion and powering, Kolmer has a wide range of experience on land as well as offshore and under water.

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