Just before the end of the year, panic reigned in a Polish company specializing in cranes. Several electric motors of the Cemp brand, purchased from another supplier, had developed major problems and eight cranes that were to be mounted on oilrigs off the Norwegian coast Kolmer helps in Polandwere inoperable. Kolmer was then approached to provide a solution. It is well known that “just-in-time planning” is of critical importance in the offshore industry, as it concerns intensive capital investments. Kolmer’s engineers were flown to the port of Gdynia in the Gdansk region to repair the engines.

The motors involved were flameproof electric motors equipped with a significant number of special options, including a brake with an encoder and a forced cooling system with a variety of temperature sensors. Twelve motors of different sizes and capacities powered each crane. The cranes were of considerable size some having a lifting arm of 25 meters. In less than thirty hours, the Kolmer engineers had resolved the issues and the motors were working properly again. Immediately after tightening the last nut and bolt, the cranes were boarded for shipment to the Norwegian coast.

Project Gdansk