Kolmer supplies the electrical motors for new E-DOP pumps of Damen Dredging
Recently, Kolmer (Putten, NL)  supplied Damen Dredging (Nijkerk, NL) with electrical motors for their new series of E-DOP pumps. Featuring several new advantages, the E-DOP pump boasts low energy consumption and simple and low cost maintenance. As it contains less moving parts, erosion is also limited. The electrical pump is the “Plug and Play” model and can be supplied with electrical power from shore.

Erwin Muller, Damen DredgingIn light of these improvements, Damen is convinced that electrically driven pumps will become the international standard. Erwin Muller of Damen Dredging says, “Both electrical motors as well as frequency converters are much smaller and cheaper nowadays. The new technology in permanent magnet motors fits perfectly within our standardization of components. This has already resulted in reduced costs and optimization of the design.” Berend Muis of Kolmer fully agrees, “To many users this is option is still unknown, as the advantages of electrically powered pumps over hydraulically driven ones are not yet familiar. However, I am sure that this type of pump is the future.”

Wide range
Various types of E-DOP pumps are available, with a capacity varying from a maximum rounds per minute 1000 to 1400. The types 150, 200 and 250 do have a capacity of 120, 168 and 312 kW, respectively. Summarizing: powerful motors that are certainly not inferior to hydraulic models. Under certain circumstances they will perform even better. The most powerful E-DOP pump has a power of 564 kW!