Ahoy flows full with people to visit the Europort. Eight halls overwhelmed with everything that makes Maritime so beautiful and interesting. No lack of technology: open-ended motors, huge propellers, complete digital wheelhouses, water purification, coatings, pumps and fans. A lot of European countries seemed to represented: from Finland to Spain, but also from other continents: Singapore, Iran, Korea and China. An event where each Dutchman rightfully may be proud of.

Lee Towers at Europort 2017!No shortage to food. Ahoy had a excellent catering spread throughout the fair. Various booth holders had beer and all kind of food. Thursday evening a light feel of Carnival prevailed through the fair. The result of various singers and music groups who gave the fair an exuberant feel. Even Lee Towers sang as enthusiastic as he could.

With a well-filled belly, a bag of information and a head full of inspiration, many visitors left Ahoy at the end of the evening.

Europort 2017. Fantastic! We are really looking forward to the next edition!