On route to smarter electric motors.
The fourth industrial revolution is imminent according to people in the know and this development has not gone unnoticed by Kolmer. In the near future, the electric motors of Kolmer will be smarter and more intelligent, thanks to sensors inside that monitor the condition of the motors and frequency converters that regulate the power of the motor.

Kolmer at Hannover MesseThis development was also a topic at the Hannover Messe, where Kolmer presented its products together with the electric motors of the manufacturer Cantoni. “’Internet of Things’ is the buzz word here”, commented Jerry Spanhaak of Kolmer during the event. “And it is a development that we are sure to participate in. In the future, maintenance and management of production processes will be controllable per individual part, a process in which electrical motors will communicate independently via the cloud. Very interesting.”

During the event, Cantoni also introduced a number of new innovative specialized motors, extending our range of special motors considerably. The new delivery program includes new water-cooled motors, improved motors for hydraulic pumps (submergible in oil) and IE4 motors. Kolmer and Cantoni would love to cooperate with you to produce smaller, cheaper and more environmentally friendly products!

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