Since the implementation of new energy regulations, important advances have been made in the design of electric motors. Electric motors are now divided into four classes: IE1 (low efficiency), IE2, IE3 and IE4 (high efficiency), with IE3 being the minimum requirement in most cases.

This minimum is not satisfactory to some companies however, aware as they are of the carbon footprint of electric motors and the cost involved. They want motors that are even more economic in their energy consumption.

Until recently, higher efficiencies (IE4+) could only be realized through the application of Permanent Magnet rotors. These PM motors have a rotor on which permanent magnets are mounted. Utilizing less energy, these rotors do not need to be magnetized, as they are permanently so. However, these motors require a frequency converter in order to function and the price of magnets is increasing.

As a solution to this, Kolmer’s supplier, Cantoni Motor, has developed a new range of IE4 motors with a squirrel cage design. These motors function the same as conventional AC motors, however with a lower energy consumption. These motors can be connected “direct-online” (DOL) eliminating the need for a frequency converter. Kolmer can deliver Cantoni IE4 motors upon request. For more information please contact us.