Kolmer’s important back stage role
“Changement de décor” – the changing of the sceneries on stage – is of vital importance in every theatre. Decorations, backdrops and other stage essentials require quick changes in order to present the very best works of art and recently, Kolmer took on a new role in order to make this need, a safe reality. Apart from speed, safety has become a major issue for the theatre world these days. Theatres now have to comply with the new SIL3 safety regulations and in order to adhere to these new guidelines, theatres have to carry out an integral risk analysis, taking measures to rule out possible failures. All installations, as well as individual parts, have to be 100% reliable with secure powering to keep accidents from occurring during the changing of each scene.

Due to severe cutbacks on government subsidies to theatres in the past few years, there has been little room for extra investments. Because of this, Kolmer was asked to find a solution involving the existing backstage motors. They chose to adapt the motors by creating a double security mechanism to halt the process in case of any failures preventing the certain risks that are present when changing a scene on stage. From their supply programme, Kolmer staged a double brake system mounted into the existing installation so that if one brake fails, the other will automatically take over.

Kolmer has now adapted the motors used to change sceneries in the Zuidplein Theatre in Rotterdam, the Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam and the city theatre De Domijnen in Sittard. It is expected that in the near future many others will follow suit.  With the safety of the stagehands and performers secured, Kolmer takes a brief moment in the spotlights to bow for a job well done.
Motors Kolmer