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Electric motor drive system. The power of Kolmer

There’s definitely no shortage of electric motor drive systems. There is a great variety available in the market, from small to large, because everything that has to rotate can be driven by an electric motor. Whether it is the drive system for a concrete mixer at a construction site with an electric motor of 1.5kW or a cool water inlet pump of a chemical plant of 1.5MW, there is an electric motor available for every application.

Branches in this application:

Drive System – Industry

Industrial electric motor drive systems. The power of Kolmer Electric motors are indispensable in the industrial sector. Why? Because everything that needs to be set in motion can, in principle, be driven by an electric motor. There are of course other industrial drive systems such as an air-driven motor and a hydraulic motor. The advantage…

Drive System – Infrastructure & Construction

Electric motors for drive technology in construction & infrastructure. The power of Kolmer In construction and infrastructure, many different operations are powered by an electric motor. At Kolmer Electric Motors, we specialise in electric motors for drive technology in the construction industry. When it comes to drive technology, we are talking about a drive system…

Drive System – Maritime & Shipping

Electric motors for marine propulsion. The power of Kolmer For a few years now the shipping industry has experienced innovation. Currently, and in various fields, the focus is on green. Whether it concerns exhaust aftertreatment, LNG, completely adapted forms of propulsion or fuel addition. As far as propulsion is concerned, there is a transition to…

Drive system – Mechanical Engineering

Electric motors for the powering of machines. The power of Kolmer Machines and machine parts are set in motion by drive systems. In other words, the drive is the force with which the machine is set in motion. In mechanical engineering there are various drive systems such as mechanical drives, electrical drives, pneumatic drives and…

Drive System – Recreation

Electric motor drive systems for the recreation industry. The power of Kolmer In the recreation industry safety is always paramount, particularly in amusement parks and associated roller coaster constructions. In every amusement park in our country, you will find many electric motors. These electric motors take care of all the movements in the park. From…

The right electric drive system

Not every standard electric motor can do its job well in varying circumstances. Environmental factors play an important role in the selection of the right electric drive system. If a high ambient temperature is to be expected, the first thing to look at is the heat output of the motor.

Are there high humidity conditions? If so, we will have to zoom in on this. With the knowledge and expertise of our sales team, all options for electric drive systems are discussed and detailed. Together we will always arrive at a good solution and the best electric motor drive system.

Critical temperature

When selecting the electric motor, we also look at the required capacity. If the motor capacity is ‘just about’ enough, the motor temperature may become critical. If the temperature is too high, the motor may break down. The ‘operating temperature’ of the motor could easily exceed 70°C.

If the internal ‘hot spot’ temperature, the warmest and most critical point of an electric motor in the winding, exceeds 155°C, the electric motor drive system will break down due to a short circuit in the motor. This temperature happens to be the melting temperature of the insulation materials used, which fall into insulation class F.

What falls under 'drive'?

The term ‘drive’ is very broad. It includes everything that needs to be set in motion. You could, of course, do this with an electric motor, but only if there is electricity available. Electricity can however also be supplied by a diesel generator, which includes a generator set. Other types of drive systems include internal combustion engines, or the use of hydropower or wind power. The mills that can be admired at the Zaanse Schans are a good example of drive technology by means of a windmill.

These mills have made a major contribution to the Golden Age of our country. With the help of the mills we could saw the planks for our ships faster and better. This drive technology was again used at a later stage in our polders, to reclaim land. All this would not have been possible without the power of the wind.

Environmentally conscious electric drive technology

The industrialisation of the past decades has changed a lot in the field of (electric motor) drive systems. In recent years, the energy consumption of the electric motor drive system has been under close scrutiny. Every kWh of energy we use produces around 350g of CO2 emission.

There is much to be gained if we can select the electric motor in such a way that it only provides power when it is really needed. At Kolmer Electric Motors we are therefore constantly working on the improvement of electric motors for electric drive technology.

More information

Kolmer Electric Motors is the right place to go to when you are looking for an electric motor for the electric drive system of pumps or fans, mixers, conveyors or complex machines that process grains. We offer very high quality applications and customised/custom-made solutions for all kinds of sectors and industries. For more information about electric motor drive systems, please feel free to contact us without any obligation.

"If customization is required, Kolmer Electric Motors will also do everything in their power to seamlessly meet our demand. Customization is all about details and they are good at that!"

One of our customers


One of our customers

"If customization is required, Kolmer Electric Motors will also do everything in their power to seamlessly meet our demand. Customization is all about details and they are good at that!"