Electric motors for hydraulics. The power of Kolmer

In installations with complex movements that also have to be carried out in a controlled manner, electric motors for hydraulics can offer the solution. We can come up with a solution for every conceivable movement.

An electric motor rotates and it is not always easy to change that into a linear movement. You could, of course, use a spindle, but a cylinder is a more common way of linear movement. The cylinder is filled with oil under great pressure. This pressure causes the piston rod of the cylinder to be pushed outwards. If the piston rod has to return inside, the oil is fed into the other side. This creates a linear movement that can go either way.

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Hydraulics – Infrastructure & Construction

Electric motors for hydraulics in construction and infrastructure. The power of Kolmer That beautiful damp country of ours is characterised by its many rivers and canals. It would require an extensive lock system for these rivers and canals to connect to each other neatly, despite the considerable differences in height. The locks and bridges in…

Extensive experience with electric motors for hydraulic applications

Kolmer Electric Motors has extensive experience when it comes to electric motors for hydraulics. For example, we have already installed a hydraulic unit by ASI in Soest as well as Rijkers Hydrauliek units for marine applications.

We also supplied the motor for the (then) largest gripper in the world. For this purpose, the electric motor was built into the oil tank to ensure that the gripper jaws could be closed and opened. Kolmer supplied the motor which was placed in the oil tank. The motor had a power of 37kW and was used in the Far East to salvage a sunken car carrier ship. The ship had sunk close to the harbour entrance and was removed in parts from the bottom of the sea using an enormous gripper. The size of the gripper was such that many cars could be salvaged at the same time. The gripper successfully accomplished its task thanks to Kolmer’s powerful electric motor.

The advantages of electric motors for hydraulics

Cylinders for linear motion are widely used on garbage trucks, on board ships, on packaging machines, etc. The applications are endless. The oil pressure of installations that have to make complex movements is controlled by an electric motor. The motor raises the pressure of the oil to the desired working pressure. This allows the installation to continue its work. Thanks to a number of valves the desired movements can be realised.

The system’s operating pressure determines the power that is ultimately to be installed. Taking into account some losses, suitable electric motors are then selected for the hydraulics. The motors are often mounted directly on the tank of the hydraulic unit. This keeps the installation compact. Kolmer Electric Motors would love to share some thoughts and ideas with you regarding the right electric motor.

If there is only limited space available, we can supply specially designed electric motors for hydraulics. A motor that you could place inside a tank with oil. In this case, the entire motor will do its work submerged in oil, saving you a lot of space.

More information or a bit of Q&A regarding your hydraulics query?

Are you curious about all that we can do for your application? Our specialists are happy to talk to you and explain a bit more about the many options Kolmer Electric Motors has to offer. Please feel free to contact us for more information without any obligation. During an introductory meeting we will gladly tell you more about our range, our customised/custom-made solutions and transparent working method.

"If customization is required, Kolmer Electric Motors will also do everything in their power to seamlessly meet our demand. Customization is all about details and they are good at that!"

One of our customers


One of our customers

"If customization is required, Kolmer Electric Motors will also do everything in their power to seamlessly meet our demand. Customization is all about details and they are good at that!"