Electric motors for pumps. The power of Kolmer

Pumps are available from small to large. The options are endless. If the basement has once again flooded after some heavy rain, the submersible pump from the garage is put to work and within a couple of hours the basement is dry again. This is a simple example of the use of an electric motor for pumping water.

A multitude of electric motors are used to supply water throughout the Netherlands. It seems so obvious that water comes out of the tap on every floor of an apartment building. This doesn’t just happen, however, as it requires pumps to ensure the correct water pressure so that water is available throughout the building. These installations are called pressure boosting installations. Again, electric motors are indispensable here.

Branches in this application:

Pumps – Petrochemistry

Electric motors for pumps used in the petrochemical industry. The power of Kolmer The petrochemical industry is engaged in the processing of petroleum and its by-products. Petrochemistry usually takes place in oil refineries. Explosive environments, in other words. You will probably understand that downtime within the petrochemical process is catastrophic for the producer. Has the…

Pumps – Water Management

Electric motors for pumps in water management. The power of Kolmer The water management industry is involved in achieving and maintaining the desired Dutch water level. This requires the right pumps, drive systems, pipes and grid cleaners. At Kolmer Electric Motors we specialise in electric motors for pumps used in water management. High quality and…

Potential and applications of our electric motors for pumps

Pumps are also needed to control our groundwater level. If we did not use pumps for this purpose, a large part of the Netherlands would be flooded. In Schardam (North Holland), for example, Kolmer Electric Motors worked on a project that involved a number of large electric motors. Here the pumps of a draining pool pumping station ensure that water is pumped to the Markermeer if the water level in the polder is too high. The maximum capacity of these pumps is 2000 m3 water per minute. These large electric motors are an example of the many possibilities and applications of Kolmer’s electric motors.

Not only water is pumped. Pumps are also used in hundreds of other applications. The process of filling bottles or pots with mayonnaise for you to use at the table also requires a pump. Even peppers and potatoes are transported through the factory with the aid of a pump. And all this without damaging the product.

Standard and customised/custom-made solutions for pump applications

Whether it’s about liquids or high viscosity products, we transport almost anything you can think of using a pump. Everything is possible. It does, however, often require a customised/custom-made solution instead of a standard solution. At Kolmer Electric Motors you will find all three. We can supply a wide range of ‘standard’ electric motors directly from stock. We will start by first sending you a 3D model so that you can assess whether a standard motor is sufficient for you.

However, we can also provide a customised solution for a centrifugal pump or clean water pump, for example. In consultation with you, we will look for the most effective and efficient solution as, thanks to our well-equipped workshop, we can also offer you a wide range of modification options.

More information or a bit of Q&A regarding your pump query?

We are always transparent about our delivery times and costs. A short lead time and optimal stock are just a few of our many advantages. We are also happy to stay in contact with you regarding logistical challenges and will assign a dedicated point of contact for you within our organisation. We can also keep stock and make the product identification a bit easier for you. In other words, Kolmer Electric Motors will be there for you throughout the entire process. In this way you will quickly get the capacity needed. For more information about our options or a tailored quote, please feel free to contact us.

"If customization is required, Kolmer Electric Motors will also do everything in their power to seamlessly meet our demand. Customization is all about details and they are good at that!"

One of our customers


One of our customers

"If customization is required, Kolmer Electric Motors will also do everything in their power to seamlessly meet our demand. Customization is all about details and they are good at that!"