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Traditionally, ships are propelled by diesel engines. The diesel engine is a technology that has been used for many years and that can certainly be called reliable. A major disadvantage of the diesel engine today is the emission of harmful gases and substances. In recent years the rules for the emission of diesel engines have become stricter. This has accelerated the switch to other ways of propulsion, such as an electric motor.

The electric motor is logically the first alternative to a diesel engine. It saves a lot of fuel and is also environmentally-friendly.

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Propulsion – Durability & Innovation

Electric motors for making propulsion more sustainable. The power of Kolmer In shipping as well, innovation and sustainability are high on the list of priorities. In this sector we have to look for sustainability in saving energy. How would you go about that? A good example is the propulsion of a ship. A combustion engine…

How does electric propulsion work?

There are a number of ways to propel a ship with an electric motor. The first option for propulsion is to place a motor over the propeller shaft. This allows for a quick conversion into a hybrid powered ship. A second option for electric propulsion is to set up motors that drive the propeller shaft via a gearbox. The third option is to opt for a V-pod drive system. With the latter, the electric motor is integrated into the propeller screw drive system and is located in its entirety beneath the ship. This method of electric propulsion also saves space. When using a V-pod drive system for electric propulsion, manoeuvring is very easy. The ship can turn perfectly around its own axis.

Kolmer for the best electric motors for your propulsion system

The integrated electric motor for propulsion is part of the entire V-pod and is therefore built and tested in close collaboration with you. At Kolmer Electric Motors we believe that this is the only way to ensure that the end product has the required quality. This version is referred to as a ‘high speed permanent magnet motor’ that is also very compact and perfect for any type of combination.

We can supply more than just the complete electric motor for propulsion, we can also supply the stator and rotor unit. You can integrate it all into your own design. The versatility of the product range gives us both many options to choose from when looking for the optimal electric motor for propulsion that is also highly efficient.

More information about electric motors for propulsion

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our propulsion system. Thanks to our many years of knowledge and experience we will gladly detail all that is possible! With a dedicated point of contact within our organisation, doing business with you would be a pleasure. The status of the project will always be clear to you and you will know exactly where you stand.

For many years, Kolmer Electric Motors has supplied, designed, developed and produced custom-made electric motors that fully meet their end users’ wishes and requirements. With a team of specialists and a very well-equipped workshop, we can adapt every electric motor to your wishes. Our ‘standard’ electric motors are directly available from stock. Do you want a custom-made product and would like to see an example of it first? We can send you a 3D model of our standard motor first, so that you can assess whether this electric motor might be suitable. And if not? Then we like to take up the challenge to prepare a customised/custom-made design!

"If customization is required, Kolmer Electric Motors will also do everything in their power to seamlessly meet our demand. Customization is all about details and they are good at that!"

One of our customers


One of our customers

"If customization is required, Kolmer Electric Motors will also do everything in their power to seamlessly meet our demand. Customization is all about details and they are good at that!"