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Cantoni Group – Investing in constant development

Cantoni Group similarly as Polish energy producers understand the need for constant development. They strive to increase efficiency and capacity simultaneously limiting costs and impact on our valuable environment. We can all witness this process around and experience positively its results which directly influence our well-being, budget or health.

This trend in Polish energy sector is visible in many places. One of them, worth mentioning, is ongoing modernization of Kozienice Power Plant. When the refurbishment is done, the facility is estimated to be producing ca. 13% of electricity in Poland.

“Modern technologies will provide unprecedented efficiency, at the same time minimizing negative consequences for the environment. Thus, our plant will become one of the largest and most advanced systems in the world.” – can be read on the ENEA official website, owner of the Kozienice Plant.

The constant progress and need for sustainable improvement is equally important in Cantoni Group. That is why, being part of this project conforms with our mission to design and manufacture state-of-the-art solutions to be implemented with the aim to improve performance and efficiency of the entire energy production process and at the same time decrease energy consumption.

The project in its entirety involves design, assemble, installation and launch of five pump units cooling water in 200MW unit blocks. The pumps will be powered by open vertical enclosure IP23, 6kV, 1600kW motors with impressive torque of 41075Nm. The exceptional parameters and construction result in efficiency on the level exceeding 95,5%. The motors are specially designed for this purpose and manufactured by EMIT, member of Cantoni Group.

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