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Jan Bakker appointed Sales Manager at Kolmer

A fresh new challenge for our sales colleague, Jan Bakker! After four years, he will be making an interesting internal career move. As Sales Manager, Jan will be working on strategic sales plans and will focus on large accounts. We are pleased that this experienced technical sales colleague will continue contributing to Kolmer’s growth in his new role. Jan: “At Kolmer, we don’t look at things from our own product range, but rather focus on the customer’s wishes. That fits perfectly with my own sales vision. Not everyone knows who Kolmer is and what we can do for them. I’m really looking forward to working on that as a sales manager!”

Providing the ideal solution

In 2016, Jan started out as a Sales Engineer at Kolmer. Over the last four years since then, he has visited customers, offering a fresh perspective informed by his drive to succeed. Jan enjoys selling custom-built engines that perfectly meet the customer’s needs. Jan: “I love engaging people in conversation. I want to find out what problems they face and then offer the ideal solution.” Now, in the spring of 2020, it is time for the next step in his career. Jan was appointed Sales Manager on 1 May, something he is very pleased about! “It’s a wonderful step for me. As the company’s only field colleague, I looked after clients from all over the Netherlands for a year and a half. In this way, my role has already developed quite a bit into one more focused on information provision and strategic decisions. Communicating about developments impacting the market, customers and competitors is crucial within the organisation.”

Growth by putting the customer first

While one electric motors supplier may focus on price, another may focus on quality and a third may rely on its well-known name. Kolmer puts its customers first and looks for the best solutions from their point of view. As of this summer, colleague Barry Grevengoed will support Jan in the field. Jan: “We don’t look at things from our own product range but rather focus on the customer’s wishes, something that not every company does. There are still some companies who don’t know who Kolmer is and what we can do for them. We want to continue striving for growth and my goal is to boost our brand awareness.”

A major asset that Kolmer has is the recently developed Kolmer Top Coating. For some time now, Kolmer has been in the process of identifying a challenge in the market pertaining to equipment protection. Exquisite electric motors are sold which then depreciate after six months because seawater, frost or chemicals damage their protective layer. One of our test engines with Kolmer Top Coating has been running for two and a half years, where the normal service life is only half a year. Jan: “TNO is currently investigating how we can apply Kolmer Top Coating safely. In the near future, we will be able to steam full speed into production! I believe that this wonderful product can help increase awareness of our brand among a broad group of customers.”

Strategic thinking, a challenge

In his new role, Jan will focus on major accounts. Moreover, he will join the Kolmer Management Team and will concentrate on the commercial vision and strategic plans. “A major challenge for me! I think it would be really nice to take a broader look at the organisation. In sales, you are always looking to seize opportunities and look for new openings. This is also how I want to work in my new role. Seizing the opportunities that exist to achieve success – that energises me. When a customer is fully satisfied with one of our well-crafted solutions, you can see me smiling from ear to ear. I also like bringing in new customers.”

Strategic thinking within an MT is new to Jan. A course geared towards gaining substantive knowledge as well as conversations with one of Kolmer’s supervisory directors will help him in this development. “Of course there will be plenty of learning through experience and I’ll be spending a lot of time with Jerry. I’m very proud that Kolmer has placed their confidence in me and I’m looking forward to continue offering the very best solutions for our customers in this new role!”
Jerry Spanhaak: “We want to grow as an organisation and to do that you need to put people in the right positions. Bringing the organisation to a higher level, that is our goal. Sometimes you have to cut down a big tree to grow new ones! Jan is progressing very well in his position in the field and is set to assume my role. I am very keen to make my contribution within Kolmer and raise our knowledge level in the office.”

“Jan is part of a new generation within Kolmer that is being groomed to take over. Jan is well versed technically. He is able to look through our customers’ eyes and see what an application needs to run properly. Business Development – in the broadest sense of the word – will be his new challenge. He is the link between Kolmer and our customers. Working in the field is a very self-reliant existence. You have to communicate with the office in an effective and efficient way and Jan is able to do that very well. He is always up for fun and games and regularly spoils us with delicious fresh fish he brings along from Urk. He is a real go-getter and a valued colleague who will certainly do well in his new role.”
"If customization is required, Kolmer Electric Motors will also do everything in their power to seamlessly meet our demand. Customization is all about details and they are good at that!"

- One of our customers -

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