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Motors with heavy seas protection by Kolmer Electric Motors

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Electric winch motors in the maritime and shipping sectors

Winches come in many different shapes and sizes as they are used for a wide variety of applications. From a simple, standard winch for winding a cable onto a drum to a complex installation on a large hoisting crane. At Kolmer Electric Motors we have the right electric motor for your ship’s winch as well as your crane installation.

The role of a winch in the maritime and shipping sectors

A winch, also known as a windlass when heavier loads are involved, is a tool used to hoist, lower or position loads. It consists of a cylinder (drum) used to wind a cable or chain. A winch is mainly found at the shipyard, but has other applications as well. There are various ways to power a winch. The electric motor is one of them, but you could also use a hydraulic motor or air motor. Another factor in determining the drive system needed is the task for which the winch will be used.

Maritime applications of a winch

The most common application of the winch, or windlass in this case, is to raise the anchor of a ship. There are, however, more applications. Winches are also used on a crane, for example, to control its movements. A very well-known crane powered by Kolmer electric motors was used during the salvage of the Costa Concordia in Italy.

We also completed a project in Russia where we had to move a pontoon using a number of very large winches. Moving a pontoon of this size requires large-capacity winches which will be equipped with electromagnetic brakes for the purpose of guaranteeing the correct positioning of the pontoon.

We have also won our spurs in the dredging industry. Here the winches are used to move the suction mouth over the sea bottom to remove sludge or suction sand in sand mining.

Bespoke electric winch motors for the maritiem and shipping sectors

As a winch is used in many different ways, the customer should be able to make a choice based on a great variety of options. For Kolmer Electric Motors custom-made solutions are key which means that the winch will be made specifically for your desired application. Do you only need to wind a cable onto a drum? Then a fairly standard electric motor model would suffice. Is the winch to be used for a large crane installation? In that case, the range of requirements would definitely be greater.

All electric motors supplied, produced and modified by us are extensively tested in the presence of the customer. We leave nothing to chance.

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